Somerset Branch Rifles and RGBW Regimental Association

Freedom Parade Bristol April 2015

Skittles v Bournemouth at Pawlett August 2011

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Skittles v Bournemouth Branch at the Somerset Retreat Ashcott 10th August 2013

Visit to the Smuggled Retreat, Blue Anchor 28 September 2013
Photos by David Bowden, Mike Kemish, Phil Miller

Another war another time…….

Veterans of the war in Afghanistan, Jason,Tony and Alex listen intently to 90 year old Somerset LI, WW2 Veteran, Colin Criddle as he relates his experiences during  the epic  battle for ‘Hill 112’ in which the Somerset’s suffered heavy losses but gained the honour of adding ‘Hill 112’ to their colours.  

The Germans said “He who controls Hill 112 Controls Normandy”

Colin also told them of how an unfortunate incident of friendly fire cost him his left leg.

Branch Annual New Year Lunch 26th January 2014
Held at the
Battleborough Grange Hotel, Brent Knoll
Photos by David Boaden

Imjin Commemorative Lunch April 2014
Photos by David Boaden

Windsor October 2015

Imjin Commemorative Lunch April 26 2015
Photos by David Boaden

Back Badge Reunion Gloucester 2013

Back Badge Reunion Day 2014

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Christmas Lunch 2016

Branch Informal Back Badge Day Get Together. Skylark Wellington 2017
Photos from Annie Cobourn

Imjin Lunch 2017
Photos by Annie Cobourn

Monday 21st August 2017 at the War Memorial in Blackburn Road, Rishton a ceremony was held to mark the centenary of Second Lieutenant Hardy Falconer Parsons VC of the Glosters being awarded the Victoria Cross. It  culminated with the unveiling of the
Parsons VC paving stone.

Somerset Branch Meeting 29th October 2017

Photos by Annie Cobourn

Pre Christmas Carvery Lunch with Taunton Branch R&LI Regt. Assoc.
10th December 2017

20th January 2018
We marked the 10th Anniversary of the formation of the Somerset Branch
Photo from Annie Cobourn

Back Badge Day Lunch at the Skylark Wellington 2018
Photos by Annie Cobourn

Imjin Commemorative Lunch at Taunton RFC
20th May 2018
Photos by Annie Cobourn